Mapping Union activity within the Legal Sector


As practitioner groups continue to negotiate with the government over the future of criminal legal aid, we are still concerned about the current working conditions and the state of the justice system under the continuing policy of austerity measures.
It’s time for legal workers to organise, in order to unite and stop further affronts to the legal system.  It is time to start creating better working environments, fairer pay conditions and a better work-life balance for all legal workers.
The LWTU are here to help and guide, and we are working with Unite to get things going.
In term of unionising workplaces, there are a few ways of doing it. For the Union to get involved in voluntary agreements, they want 50% of the workplace or grade/ level to be union members. This will be good news to those that have staff associations with mainly paralegals/ admin staff/ solicitors etc. who are interested. If 50% of that group within the firm are in the Union, then Unite will come in and negotiate a voluntary agreement for collective bargaining purposes for that grade.
We are need to map members within the industry, so if you are a member of Unite the Union or would like to unionise your workplace, please email in to:

We can then look at how to support you within your workplace towards establishing union presence.
Thanks in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Legal Workers Trade Union


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